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Competitors' perspectives

"When preparing for IYNT I encountered numerous setbacks and downright failures; many a time I felt like quitting. To get through these times, I had to remind myself why I was spending so much time doing science, and the answer was always: these problems are interesting, I want to know the answers, and the only way to get this is through tedious experiments."

— Luke , NZ IYNT Captain 2017

During the first round we learnt how to work efficiently as a team during a science fight, different members taking notes to pull together an opposition or review presentation in the few minutes of preparation time.

— Millie, NZ IYNT 2018

"It was the hardest I’ve ever worked, but I think it paid off pretty well! (we came first). What I am most grateful for however, is the knowledge and skills I have obtained from doing this; they far outweigh any gold medal."

— Sai, NZ IYNT 2017

"IYNT gave me a greater knowledge of different branches of science, by investigating problems over a rage of disciplines and watching techniques other teams used to solve them. This allowed me to imagine what a possible career in these disciplines may look like."

— Millie, NZ IYNT 2018


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