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How to Enter


Grab a teacher and 2 friends and enter your details so we can keep you up to date


Read the problems

Read over the problems. Try to look up answers, try out a few initial trials. Share out the problems within your team.


Learn how a science fight works

You need to know what to prepare for, as well is learning about the science behind your problem.


Enter your team

Confirm your entry with a completed entry form sent in by the due date and pay the entry fee to IYNT NZ


Make presentations and read through the entrant's guide

You should make a slideshow in microsoft powerpoint or in google slides. When you present your report you should have a speech and a slideshow that you use as a visual aid. It will contains headings, key ideas, photos, videos, data tables, graphs, and diagrams that you have made. It will also acknowledge the sources of your information and the people that helped you.


Practise your presentations

Starting a couple of weeks before the tournament, you should practise presenting your report to your team. Your team leader and team mates will tell you what can be improved, and what you have not made clear. You must be able to keep within the 8 minute time limit as the jury is very strict about timing.


Make an introductory video or plan a live performance

At the opening ceremony each team introduces themselves to the other teams, leaders and jurors. The time limit is 3 minutes, which is strictly enforced. Scores are awarded by the jurors. Teams often show a short video but you can perform a skit, dance or song.


Learn to oppose

Once the tournament starts it will be too late. You can practise by opposing your team-mates when they present their reports. Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of their reports will help them and you.


Keep practising

There has never been a report that was perfect and could not be improved.


2022 NZYST
IYPT 2022
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